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Managing Food & Beverage Operations

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 Managing Food & Beverage Operations

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Table of Contents

Introduction        2

LO1 Explore the food and beverage industry including different styles of food and beverage service outlets, rating systems and current industry trends        3

P1. Explore different types of business within the food and beverage industry, profiling a chosen business within each area of the industry        3

P2. Explain different rating systems used for the food and beverage industry nationally and internationally        6

P3. Discuss the current and future trends affecting food and beverage business        7

LO2 Demonstrate professional food and beverage service standards in a real working environment        9

P4. Demonstrate professional food and beverage management skills within a food and beverage Organization        9

P5. Explain the legal requirements and regulatory standards that food and beverage service outlets must comply with, giving specific reference to the maintenance and cleaning of equipment        10

LO3 Compare the ways that different food and beverage operations use technology to improve operational efficiency        12

P6. Compare and contrast different operational and marketing technology for a range of different type of food and beverage businesses        12

P7. Investigate the factors that influence the consumer's decide on which food and beverage outlets they choose        13

P8. Analyse strategies used in a range of food and bevel outlets to attract and build a loyal customer base        14

Conclusion        16

References        17


Food and Beverage is an area that has had its importance and its place in all the ages of the past and remains one of the most critical parts of the entire hospitality industry. The catering area in any hotel or restaurant is the place where the management of any need related to any event, catering or catering is managed. This management and organization of catering services is made in order to make the customer experience a remarkable experience. The accomplishment of this sector in the hospitality industry depends entirely on the overall operational productivity of its subsections and its staff. It helps meet the needs of internal and external customers by providing them with the best quality of catering, recipes, events and all other ways to serve meals.




P1. Explore different types of business within the food and beverage industry






Example employer


Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hilton is a well-known name in the hospitality industry. Wanderers around the world know Hilton. And with their innovative approach to products, services and services, Hilton continues to be synonymous with hotels around the world. Hilton Hotels & Resorts remains the elegant world leader in hospitality. They try to make the journey easier with their elegant design, innovative restaurant concepts, and commitment to the global community.

Free lunch, discounts on F & B outlets, discounts on all Hilton hotels.

Long hours with little or no professional recognition from the superiors

Supriya Chawla


Marriott International, Inc.

It is a leading global company with over 6,700 properties in 1307 countries and territories, and earns over $22 billion in the 2017 financial year.

Free lunches, always someone to help you.

Long hours. If something had to be done late, stay late

Melissa Sollid


InterContinental Hotels Group

It employs 375,000 people, one of the world's leading hotel companies, in more than 100 countries, providing true hospitality to all.

Very friendly workers, regular gatherings of celebrities and free dinner

The lack of vacations in the first five years, career growth opportunities was also lacking.  

Stephen Mutuma


Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson equals outstanding level of delivery services and comfort with the highest style. And today, they now provide more for the advancement of the hospitality industry to maintain their position now and in the future.

Cross training program, very open and peaceful environment, free lunch.

Often overlooked for deserved promotions, low wages, mostly on-call work

Zaheen Abbas


Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

It is an international hotel owned by Marriott International. Currently Sheraton operates in more than 500 hotels, including America, Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Caribbean.

Everyone was very welcoming and helpful with new hires. Clean and safe atmosphere. Management is very helpful.

The Long Hours, health benefits are less than expected.

Jore Whiten


P2. Explain different rating systems used for the food and beverage industry nationally and internationally  

When people travel for work or pleasure, they usually stay in some kind of hotel. Hotels in the United States are characterized by different writing, one of which is a five-star rating system. This system involves evaluating the hotel according to the quality and quantity of facilities offered to customers. You can hear the famous 5 star hotels you go to celebrities. People can also go to these precious but luxurious hotels for special trips and occasionally to boast and to spend a good time.



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