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Management in Practice: Experiential Exercise - Ethical Work Climates

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Essay Preview: Management in Practice: Experiential Exercise - Ethical Work Climates

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Management in Practice: Experiential Exercise

Ethical Work Climate


Managers today really have to consider

They really do have to take into consideration the different aspect of an ethical work climate. Different industries may require different approaches toward evaluating ethical behavior and decision-making concepts to better facilitate

When defining an ethical work climate one has to observe many different aspects of the

This report with show several scenarios defining the different approaches and concepts managers use to facilitate overall, an above-average ethical climate.

The overall assessment

Question 1: What is the best for everyone in the company is the major concern here. Score..3


Post-conventional level -

Managers focuses on employers individual value and perceptions of the organization. Keeping our employees happy is our major concern which leads to individualism approach and better production they are into company which works best in the long-run. Encourages integrity and honesty (142) maintaining the personal moral development by using post-conventional level putting employees first in the company.

Question 2: Our major concern is always what is best for the other person. Score..4

Empowering employees. (145) Julius Walls' example.

Both of these situations the manager should exhibit ways of showing...

Measurement of lawfulness:

Question 3: People are expected to comply with the law and professional standards over and above other considerations. Score..5

Look for scenario

Managers must enforce rule and regulations for the safety of all employees not doing so could lead to serious consequences (repercussions) by either being fined or sued for accidental deaths. Management needs to exercise legal responsibility in order to avoid these type of consequences (153)

Question 4: In this company, the first consideration is whether a decision violates any law. Score..4

Measurement of rules adherence:

Question 5: It is very important to follow the company's rules and procedures here. Score..4

In order to expect your employers to follow your rules to have to communicate them of what you expect your employees to live by.

Question 6: People in this company strictly obey the company procedures. Score..2

Code of Ethics / Policy-based.

Pre-conventional level

Measurement of emphasis on financial and company performance:

Question 7: In this company, people are mostly out for themselves. Score..2

Pre-conventional level of moral development

Question 8: People



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