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Male Female Relationships

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My impressions of the opposite sex are diverse and have changed throughout my life. As a child born into a family of three girls, my exposure to the opposite sex was limited. The only real male in my life was my father. I never viewed him as the opposite sex because he was my dad. He was a strict, authoritative figure and a great protector. My early impressions of the opposite sex were that of great strength and security, both physically and emotionally.

As I entered adulthood and encountered the opposite sex on a new level it was quite a learning experience. I realized although the male is physically stronger than the female, the female is emotionally stronger. The male tends not to be too much of a thinker where a woman definitely is a thinker and dwells on many aspects of life. The male is more visually stimulated where the female is more emotionally stimulated. Women need to be heard and reassured and men don't give that as much as women would like. It seems to me that men don't need the same emotional support women need, and so the conflict begins! What both sexes need to do is listen and pay attention to one another. Also to realize that what you need is not always what others need.

As a mother my view of the opposite sex is different. As a mother of two sons, I see how different boys are as opposed to girls, even early in life. I have learned that boys/men are physical beings from birth. Is it genetic or is it society's conditioning?

I am not sure but it makes me believe that it is not something that is chosen.


Do women have more power than men? In some ways I would say yes they do? Women seem to be more in tune to their emotions and can deal with many situations at one time. They can control their emotions more than a male can. On the other hand, men can have more power than women in other areas of life, i.e. the job market and the ability to disconnect themselves to certain situations.

I do realize though that we could not function without one another. What one sex doesn't give the other one can. Speaking from my personal experience, we set off each another to make a good balance in a relationship.



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