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Malcolm X

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Malcolm X became one of the greatest black motivational speakers of the 1960s for black equality.He was born in nebraska and was one of ten children. When he was growing up he wanted to be a lawyer. He quit school and took up crime. He became islamic and joined the Black Muslums. He was shot and murdered by an assassin

in 1965 when speaking at the Auduba Ballroom.

Malcolm Little was born on May, 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska.( When he was four, his house was burnt to ashes.( When he was six years old, his father , Earl Little, was found dead on the trolley tracks.(

His father was born in Reynolds, Georgia in 1890. He got married to a woman named Daisy Mason and they had three kids not including Malcolm.( He got married again to a woman named Louise Langdon Norton.( they had seven kids including Malcolm.( The Littles now had ten kids.

When he was in school he wanted to be a lawyer.( He worked very hard during junior high and high school.(encyclopedia of black America) But one of his favorite teachers crushed his dream when they said that being a lawyer was "An unrealistic goal for a nigger."(encyclopedia of black America)Then he dropped out.

Two years later he went to Boston and went through racism and suffrage.( After the two years spent there he got mad.( he had took up a life of crime and robbed a house.(

He was caught and sentenced to eight to ten years in Charleston State prison in Massachusetts.( He only served six and a half years in jail, but was let out on parole.( When in prison, he switched to the nationality of Islam.(

When he got out he joined the Black Muslims.(encyclopedia of Black America) he started as a minister in a Detroit temple.( a year later he was promoted to minister of a temple in New York.( the black Muslims believed that "blacks could only secueed if they were segregated from white people."

Malcolm X had a lot of speeches. One was "Malcolm X speaks again "( It was about what his position in nonviolent protests and human rights.(



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