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Making Connections with Oracle

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Essay Preview: Making Connections with Oracle

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Making Connections with Oracle

This document provides instructions about connecting to the Oracle server hosted by the Business School using the Oracle SQL Developer. Other clients such as older style SQL *Plus are no longer supported so you must use the Oracle SQL Developer. This document explains the steps to connect to the Oracle 12c server hosted by the Business School.

VPN Connection

To access the Business school server using an Oracle client, you must use the campus virtual private network (VPN) client (Cisco), the Windows 7 vpn client, or the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. From my experience, the Cisco AnyConnect client seems to be the most reliable way to connect to campus resources. You can find VPN documentation and downloads using the help desk page of the campus Information Technology Services (ITS). You will need to use your student account to access the campus VPN software and documentation.

If you have VPN trouble, contact the campus ITS helpdesk. I cannot resolve VPN problems. Note that some students have reported difficulty using the campus VPN behind a corporate firewall so you may need to obtain access from your residence.

Please note that the campus ITS group imposes the VPN requirement. The Business School is allowed to offer Oracle access only through a VPN controlled port.

Oracle SQL Developer

You need to download the Oracle SQL Developer from the Oracle Technology Network site ( There is no cost to use the Oracle SQL Developer. You need to obtain an account from the OTN before downloading the SQL Developer. Note that the Oracle OTN account is different than the account that I create for you to access the Business school server.

Creating a connection in the SQL Developer is simple. After starting the SQL Developer, you should click the + button in Connections tab. Figure 1 shows the Connections tab with several connections already created. You will not see any connections so ignore that part of Figure 1. Instead of the initial window in Figure 1, you may see the New Gallery window in Figure 2 in the latest version of SQL Developer. After clicking the + button, the New/Select Database Connection window opens (Figure 3). Complete the properties as described in the following list. Figure 4 shows the Connection tab with the new PDB12A connection.

  • You can choose any name for the connection.
  • You should use the assigned user name that I give to you. The user name will use the format ismg6480studentXY (for students in the hybrid section) in which XY is a two digit number.
  • The default password will be the same as the user name. You should change the password after making your first connection as explained later in this document.
  • Note that account (user name and password) for accessing the Business School Oracle server is different than the VPN account (a university account) and the Oracle OTN account to download the SQL Developer. Unfortunately you must have three different accounts.
  • The host name is “”.
  • Check the Service name option.
  • The Service name is “portdb2.ucdenver.pvt”.

[pic 1]

Figure 1: The Connections Tab in the SQL Developer

[pic 2]

Figure 2: New Gallery Window showing Connections Item

[pic 3]

Figure 3: Partial New/Select Database Connection Window

After completing the connection properties, you can use the connection. To open a connection, you should right click the connection name in the Connection tab and select the Connect item. You will be prompted for the user name and password if you did not enter the password in the connection properties. After the connection is made, you will see a list of object types in your Oracle schema as shown in Figure 4. After you create objects, you will see them when you select the object type.



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