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Magnetic Therapy

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I read a piece about magnetic therapy and the debate of whether it relieves pain, cures diseases, or increases circulation of blood. The article came to the conclusion that small static magnets, in fact, have no affect whatsoever on any of the above stated claims that companies have made. The article did say, however, evidence that pulsed, electromagnetic fields may help fractures and a few other conditions; but the small static magnets that have been marketed in the past have little or no evidence of being effective. According to the article, the main basis for the claims was a study performed at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. The study showed that 29 people who were exposed to magnets for their knee pain reported reduced pain, and 21 people who were exposed to the placebo effect reported reduced pain. The article shows, however, many loopholes and no controls for the experiment. For example, the ratio of men to women wasn't the same in the two groups, and the ages weren't the same either. Even the authors of the experiment admitted that it was a "pilot study", which don't make bases for marketing anyway.

I agree with this piece one hundred percent. It showed me that there was really no evidence for the claims in the first place. It defeated every claim that these companies used with research, proof, and works cited. One might read this piece and still not believe it, which is understandable. However, the side this piece took was proven so much that many of the companies marketing these products were fined for false advertising and are now regulated heavily under the FTC. The fact that this was proven even under the court of law makes me believe it even more. The piece was well written and provided a strong, well argued, case.



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