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Love Is Not About Gender

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I've always found this kind of statements offensive, but I've kept my mouth shut because I fully support the rights of anyone to identify in whatever way they feel comfortable in terms of their sexuality and gender.

Today, however, I realized that I find this 'I fall in love with the person rather than the gender' thing offensive to people like me, who are orientated one way or the other, because it sounds superior whether or not superiority is intended. It sounds like the person speaking feels that s/he is better than those of us who allegedly fall in love with genders rather than people. What do we fall in love with, then, if it's not the person? A set of genitals? When I fall in love with a woman, is it just her 'sex' I'm after? Do I have a lesser experiences of sexual relationships because I only want them with women rather than with 'people'?

Of course it is very important to critique our society's mania for sex and gender categorization and vital that people become free to follow their desires beyond the constraints of heteronormativity. And of course people should also be free to be something other than heterosexual or homosexual and masculine or feminine. BUT, the battle is not to set up new hierarchies even implicitly. It would be a bad thing, for instance, if bisexual or pansexual experience started to elide or to be positioned as superior to more specifically lesbian, gay and heterosexual experience by virtue' of apparently being more fluid and unstable… more queer.

My picture sets a strong message to the world that not a lot of people are going to accept now or in the new future. Who has the right to say how, why, and who to fall in love with. Why does the words “male” or “Female” have to matter when it come to love. There are many definitions when it comes to love for example: 1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, 2 sexual passion or desire, 3 a love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour, 4 a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart, not once did in those definitions did it mention that love is between a boy and a girl.



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