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Lord of the Flies Written by William Golding

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Essay Preview: Lord of the Flies Written by William Golding

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Lord of the Flies written by William Golding is a book about kids trapped on an island that slip into savage behavior. William Golding has a very unique style of writing using many allegories. Some symbols in this story are the conch, Piggy's specs, the beast, and the lord of the flies.

At the beginning of the book Ralph and Piggy are wandering around and stumble upon a conch shell in the water. Ralph blows into the shell and in affect all the other boys come running to him. The conch shell symbolizes civilization, order, and government. It symbolizes order by using it to call together the other boys. Also, it symbolizes government because whoever has the conch has the right to speak and others must listen. The conch shell represents civilization because it makes order of chaos and it is like democracy. In the end of the book when the conch breaks it is like civilization is being shattered and forgotten.

Later in the book the boys use Piggy's glasses to start a signal fire. The glasses, as well as Piggy, represent intelligence in civilization and rationalization. They help start a fire which is a hope to get home to civilization. Also, the glasses make it possible to cook meat. Later when Jack steals Piggy's glasses it shows how fragile technology really is and that savage power can triumph over it. Piggy is also rational because he reminds Ralph that he needs his glasses to not only see, but start a fire which means rescue. They help remind the boys of civilization.

A little further into the book the boys think that they saw a beast that is a horrible thing and turns into vines in the day. This symbolizes the boys' descent into a savage lifestyle. The boys fear this beast and do whatever they can to protect themselves form it even if that means letting the signal fire go out. In all reality the beast is inside of them and not real. It is the little bit of savage that all of us have in us, just waiting for the right time to come out. In affect of the beast the boys turn into savages and lose all sight of hope and rescue.

In the book the boys kill a pig and put its head on a stake for an offering for the beast. Near the end of the book, Ralph learns the truth of the beast that it isn't real and is just a dead pilot. He then goes to the pigs head and talks to it. It is the lord of the flies and it tells Simon all about the beast and how it is in every one of the boys. The lord



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