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Essay Preview: Loemonhead

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Nobody knows why Ethan had an enormous lemon shaped head. It was a major debilitating factor in his life that prevented him from doing many activities. He couldn't wear a football helmet or hats. Ethan couldn't even play in the play places at McDonalds because his head wouldn't fit through the tubes. Ethan wasn't born with a lemon shaped head he just kind of slowly grew into it. When he was seven it was only about the size of a watermelon and was just starting to take the shape of a lemon. By the time Ethan hit middle school his head was about a foot and a half wide and two feet tall.

Many people would ask Ethan why he had such a large head. His responses over the years to questions about his head differ. When he was ten he would cry and run away, but when he was fourteen he would respond with witty sarcasm. A girl named Whitney once asked "wow...why is your head so big" and he responded with "why is your nose so big, I guess god hates me and you" If Ethan was in a really bad mood he would just simply give them the finger and say "why do you ask dumb questions." Some people revered Ethan for his comicalness and for his personality but others called him lemon head or big head and made fun of his large head. Ethan never took too much offense to the teasing though; he figured they were just ignorant. After all Ethan was not short of friends he had plenty.

Ethan was the kindest hearted and most outgoing person you'd ever meet and he rarely ever hated life. He didn't let the size of his head affect his life in a negative way. In fact Ethan rarely cared what his head looked like. But he began to care when Daria moved into the house next door.

Daria was the new girl in town and Ethan noticed her as soon as she stepped out of the moving van that brought her here. She was stunningly beautiful she had brown hair that flowed around her as if it was always in a breeze. She had the most gorgeous blue eyes and had creamy light brown skin that could make any heart melt. She was perfect in every aspect in Ethan's eyes. As soon as Ethan could gather up enough courage he went next door to talk to her. His plan was to introduce himself and establish very quickly that he was the guy next door that could cater to anything she needed. He peered around the fence that separated the houses and saw her; she was sitting on the patio sipping a cold glass of lemonade. He took a deep breath and start to approach her. As he neared the porch with one big gulp he said "hey, I'm Ethan...I next door." And to Ethan's surprise she replied with a smile "oh hi...I'm Daria...nice to meet you." Ethan smiled back and awkward silence followed. He had to think quickly because he knew that if he made it awkward she'd never want to see him again. He had to make a good first impression. He spotted her glass of lemonade and decided to break the silence, "you know my head is the shape of the fruit that is in that glass your drinking." As soon as he finished his sentence he knew that he shouldn't have said that, it brought out the pity card and not to mention pointed out the obviousness of his enormous head. But once again Ethan was astonished as she replied, "yeah I guess it is." She didn't even ask why his head was so large. At that moment in time Ethan knew that he had found someone truly special and that he had to get to know her. Daria would be his and he wouldn't ever let her go.

It was the summer time and Daria had moved in at the beginning of the summer in the early weeks of June. That summer Ethan and Daria would see each other everyday. They would take bike rides down to the creek and skip stones across the surface. Sometimes they would take trips to Fielders Deli and buy the largest ice cream cones they could manage. On the warmer nights they would fall asleep beneath the



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