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Like Water for Chocolate Essay

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True love is emotion and passion. True love is when two individuals see each other and never want to leave each other. True love is a feeling of love every time one sees or even thinks of his or her soul mate.

I do not believe true love was ever reached in this novel with any of the characters. Tita and Pedro always had worries and doubts about their relationship together. And that is what kept them from reaching true love. If they question their love and relationship because of other individuals, it cannot in fact be true love. I believe what Tita and Pedro felt was passion. Passion for each other that was stronger than any other character. "With no need for words, they took each other's hands and went into the dark room." Pedro and Tita's dark room was proof of how secretive they wanted to be. Although Tita loves her family immensely, she could not let that love interfere with her love for Pedro; not for the shortest time. Tita and Pedro did not have enough emotional love for them to have true love. When they saw each other, they hardly had any other love than their passion of the dark room. They did not express many ideas for their future together.

Tita and John's love was not near true love. They had some emotional love when together, but no passion for love. They knew they could start a family and a future together, but Tita especially had an empty feeling of love when around John. Probably the same emptiness Pedro feels for Rosaura. Those are the kinds of love where two people can have a successful future and family together, but could be emotionally separate from each other. In a way, Rosaura and Pedro's relationship is almost a premonition for Tita and John's relationship.

So in the novel Live Water For Chocolate¬¬, by Laura Esquivel, true love is never shown. Tita and Pedro's love does not have much emotional elements between the two, although they an incredible passion for each other. Tita and John's love does not show much passion for each other, but they do show some emotion that is much like Rosaura and Pedro's relationship that also failed.



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