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Let the Truth Be Told

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Let the Truth be Told

The United States has one of the most complex and effective government systems in the world. They have helped this country overcome a conglomeration of many different issues that have arisen. Although the government is so great in power and possibilities, there are many questions left unanswered and many secrets that are kept hidden away. Many refer to these secrets or possibilities of cover up stories, conspiracy theories. Area 51, the JFK assassination and even the moon landing are amongst the infamous government cover-up stories. There are more secrets to the United States government than meets the eye. Recently there was one of the most tragic moments in United States history, the attack on the World Trade Centers Twin Towers. September 11th is a day many people will never forget; unfortunately, it is also a day which has left many questions unanswered.

Almost everyone can recall exactly what they were doing and where they were when they first heard the news of the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001. Many sat in disbelief that day staring at the TV trying to figure out exactly what was happening. Here is the story as most know it. American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:45 a.m. causing a gaping whole and also setting fire to the interior of the building. Eighteen minutes later a second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, crashed into the South Tower causing an explosion as well. Soon after both planes hit, New York shut down all airports in the New York City area. Bridges, tunnels, and subways were also ordered to be shut down in New Jersey and New York. Already at 9:30 a.m. President Bush, while in Sarasota Florida, had declared this a terrorist attack against the United States. For the first time in United States history all air traffic nationwide was on a stand-still and halted. At 9:43 American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into Wedge 1 of the pentagon, which had been under renovation since 1999. The plane continued to go through rings E, D, and C before coming to rest in an open-air service passageway. The White House was immediately evacuated, and ten minutes later Bush departed from Florida. At 10:05 a.m. the South Tower, the second tower to be hit, collapsed and plummeted into the street below. Less than five minutes later Secret Service agents armed with rifles were deployed into the park across from the White House for security purposes. United Airlines Flight 93, also hijacked, crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. One hour and forty-five minutes after the North Tower was hit, the tower fell upon itself and left nothing but dust and debris behind. "Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts," said President Bush, speaking from Barksdale Air Force Base at 1:04 p.m. CNN reported that U.S. officials stated there are "good indications" that Saudi militant Osama bin laden, is involved in the attacks based on new and specific information developed. World Trade Center Building 7, the building farthest away from the Two Towers, was reported to be on fire at 4:10 p.m. An hour later the 47 story Building 7 collapsed after evacuation, while the buildings directly surrounding the Twin Towers still stood and burned. Nearly ten p.m. at night, Mayor Giuliani says he does not want anymore volunteers for Tuesday evening's rescue efforts. Later that night, information was given that each plane had three to five hijackers armed only with box cutters. After all is cleared out, and investigation is done; the death toll for September 11th is said to be 2,752.

Unfortunately to most stories, there are usually at least two sides. Many highly regarded people have spoken out about beliefs and truths of the attacks on September 11th. Dr. Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist for department of labor during President George W. Bush's first term, professor emeritus at Texas A&M University, and former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis headquartered in Dallas, TX had much to say about 9-11 (LewRockwell). He stated how there were many problems inside the government and said, "We aren't going to solve our problems by ignoring 9-11." As he continued to speak in a video interview, he noted that the biggest factor of September 11th is how World Trade Center building number 7 (Wtc7) fell 5 hours after the Twin Towers, and that no plane had even come near it. It is clearly seen in numerous videos the manner in which the building falls. Wtc7 falls in less than 7 seconds and was not even attacked. Dr. Morgan Reynolds ends his interview by saying, "We need real convictions, we need a rest, we need prosecutions." Also Ramon Grilsanz, structural engineer who was awarded a 2001 Newsmaker Award by Engineering News Record Ð'- McGraw Hill Construction Information Group, talked more about Wtc7 (GMS). Ramon was one of the selected structural engineers to help lead safe passage to victims at ground zero the day of 9/11. "The only damage to wtc7 was the fire that was started," said Grilsanz. In the course of history, there has never been a steel structured building anywhere that has collapsed because of a fire, making wtc7 the first, unless of course there is more to the story. Ramon points out in pictures of the building, right before the collapse, how there was a crimp in the building. A crimp is what controlled demolition teams use to insure the building falls inward so that it does not damage buildings surrounding it. The buildings surrounding the Twin Towers never fell that day, but yet wtc7 fell from fire damage collapsing and leaving nothing behind.

There is also a significant amount of scientific reasoning behind the attacks of 9-11. BYU (Brigham Young University in Utah) physics professor, Steven Jones, conclusively proved that thermite was used to cut pillars in the main two towers (9/11 Research). Thermite is a hot yellow liquid that gives off a white ash when burned. It burns at spectacularly high temperatures, as hot as 3,500 degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to melt steel (SMH). In the South Tower right before it collapsed, a video catches this molten liquid rushing out of the side. It was found under both towers, and also found under wtc7. The day after the attacks, scientists were able to gather some samples of what was left over. Dr. Steve Jones was able to conduct a few experiments to identify this liquid metal. Using different techniques such as proton induced x-ray emission and electron micro probing, he found out there was iron, sulfur, potassium, and manganese. He explained how all these elements were variations of thermite used to cut through steel very rapidly called thermite (MUJCA). When taken



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