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Leadership Essay

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Andrew Krzanak


        Leadership, to me at first to have leadership you need to be an outstanding athlete a straight a student and in the Nation Honor Society. In reality it is none of that, it is the desire to help and improve. Leadership is seeking the better for worst. Although things may not work but you can still stay positive and keep on going with what you are doing. When things are thrown at you from all sorts of directions you are not going to be the “Yes man”. In those situations you will be Proactive and fit in as much as you can that meets the standards of your availability. Also first things first, do what you want to not what someone else wants you to do. It helps to be organized.

        I feel that an effective leader is a person who shows all the signs of the seven habits. This means that the person prioritizes. Also a person who can be corporative with others and can teach or explain when someone does not know what they are doing when you do.

        My view personally has changed from this class. It has changed in a good way. In fact a Great way. I have learned how to use my skills to help and inspire. I now see things from different perspectives. I come into situations differently, I know how to approach things in a better way.

        Leadership to me effects the daily life in a very positive way. It makes the personality in you. Also represents who you are inside. If you are called upon to be a leader in something you are expected to hold the traits of a leader. Not always taking charge of things but to seek help and inspire. Lastly leadership is a huge part of any group you are in. It helps a bunch if everyone contributes there special qualities.

        While learning the Seven Habits I have connected a lot with the “yes man” I tend to find myself feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about what I am doing next. I never really have time to myself anymore. This class has taught me that it is ok to say no at times. Keep your first things first.

        Out of the Seven Habits I feel that to prioritize I will use multiple times in life. Like I have said earlier in the text I am feeling very overwhelmed with everything? If I were to prioritize more often I can live life with the things I actually want to do. I feel that this class was super helpful for the long run and in present day as well. If I could take this class again I would.



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