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Kurt Cobain

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Washington, a small town southeast of Seattle is 108 miles long, and outlined

by an endless amount of trailer parks; past them are many acres of timberland,

blemished by stubbly scars, where loggers have been clear cutting. From

east the first thing seen is the unattractive Weyerhauser lumberyard leading

to the Wishkah River.

These days, the streets of Aberdeen, Washington are

looking like empty or boarded up storefronts. Business is booming for only

local pawnshops. One of the biggest growth industries in the country presently


the cultivation of Marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, which people grow

in order to boost their meager or nonexistent incomes. It wasn?t always this

bad. Aberdeen used to once be a bustling seaport where

sailors used to stop

off at. Truth is, the town used to be one big prostitution centre.


is where on February.20th 1967 Kurt Donald Cobain was born. To homemaker

Wendy Cobain(nee Fradenburg) and mechanic Donald Cobain. His early influences

who soon became mentors to him were,

his mothers siblings Chuck and Mary.


the day of his birth to the day of his death Kurt Cobain

had problems, psychological

and otherwise. The problems just could not leave him alone. The Cobain?s

didn?t live in the best part of Aberdeen and

were not wealthy. They were

basically ?white trash posing as middle class? according to Kurt when asked

about his early childhood upbringing. Kurt?s major problems began at the

age of 8 in 1975. This was when his parents divorced. His mother admits

that both she and Don used the kids(sister Kim 5 at the time of divorce)

in the divorce and fought for custody. It?s been described as that a ?light

went out? in him, a light that he tried to recapture, but couldn?t.


became angered at his parents for not being able to sort out their problems.

Throughout most of his childhood he was ashamed of his parents After the

divorce Kurt continued to live on with his mom in Aberdeen, for a year, but

his mom soon decided that she could not handle him. To cope, she shipped

him off to his dad in Montesano a smaller logging community 20 miles east

of Aberdeen. Even with his dad Kurt was unhappy. They didn?t get along

to well because Don pushed Kurt into sports which Kurt was not good at, which

caused more pressure on Kurt because Don was a jock. Don did not let Kurt

be a kid, he wanted him to be a little adult. He?d get irritated quickly,

and would whack Kurt over the head. One time when Kurt was 6, he threw Kurt

across the room Basically, Kurt had no father figure to look up upon. Despite

all of this Kurt was spoiled by Don and showered with material things that

Don could offer.

Kurt was then shattered again when Don got remarried

in February of 1978. Kurt and his step-mom did not get along. The longer


lived with Don the worse things got. Don was determined to make Kurt


the new family, so he got legal custody in attempt to make him

part of the

family. Don then gave up on Kurt because he was convinced

that his mom brainwashed

him. Eventually, Don couldn?t deal with Kurt.

Kurt was passed between 3

different sets of Aunts and Uncles and his

Grandparents on his dad?s side.

In school Kurt did not do well. He was seen as an outcast, being


around between 4 schools in Aberdeen and Montesano. While still in school,

Kurt was friends with Myer Loftin, an openly gay student. He enjoyed the

conflict he caused. He thinks it was then, that he almost found his identity

true identity. Around Grade.11; the moving around a lot was only a small

part of the problems What led to his eventual drop out of school in May of

graduating year, was his intense hate of the teachers.

He would fantasise

killing them in front of the class.

Wendy seeing all of this decided

that her traumas were worse than Kurts, because she had just dumped an abusive

boyfriend. She was still focused on doing good by her son. So, she simply

passed her son

on to live with her brother Chuck. Kurt by then was distraught


moving from relative to relative. In May of 1984, when Kurt was 17,




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