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Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Finer Foods

Kudler Finer Foods

Fundamentals of Business Systems Development

Kudler Finer Foods

Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store located into San Diego area. Kudler Fine Foods have three stores in California, and every store is 16,000 square feet located in a fashionable shopping center. Each one is stocked with only the best domestic and imported foodstuffs and divided into five departments. The departments are fresh bakery and pastries, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, condiments/packaged foods and cheeses/specialty dairy products.

Kudler Fine Foods wants to increase the loyalty and profitability of their customers. Kudler objectives are to expand services to generate revenue, the frequent shopper program, and to increase efficiency, which will bring the cost down on the products. They are interested in developing a system that will track the customer purchase through the frequent shopper that will reward the loyalty of their customers, new and old customers, by giving them points every time that they buy anything at all the stores. The customers will be able to redeem these points for anything that they want. The customers can redeem the points for specialty food or other gifts that Kudler or with another company, they will contract to provide the service for them.

Kudler Fine Food will purchase new software for their company that will allow the customer to receive the rewards for every item that they buy. There will be training and support for everyone from the cashier to the president of the company. The main objective of the project is to the company's revenue and to show their appreciation to their customers. Another objective of the this project also is to keep track of what the customers buy the most of so that they can make sure they have enough of what the customers buy so they do not run out and the new system will be able to refine its process of buying their products. The constraints of the project will be the quality, cost and time that it will take to get the new systems up and running. Because Kudler has a reputation for providing the quality of the food, they will have to make sure the system be the highest quality so they can still keep their reputation of the store with the highest quality of food. This will cause the cost of the system within the allowed budget could pose problems down the road if there is to be any late changes. Moreover, with the project timeline is essential they need to make sure the new system will not take many years to design and implement it either.

Everyone would be involved from the owner/president, Kathy Kulder right down to the customers themselves. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

Summary of Project Feasibility

Implementing a frequent shopper program for Kudler Fine Foods will require the tracking of new customers and existing customers. All customers, existing and new, will be entered into a database. This data will be compared to customer purchases. Extensive training will be necessary for all employees, from the top down.

There is an expected revenue increase of 20% over a six month period. Kudler will focus on competitive pricing and customer satisfaction to achieve this increase. Incentives will be offered to existing customers who reach established purchase goals of $100, $200, $300, etc. Points will be assigned to each purchase level and the customer will have the opportunity to purchase items with accumulated points. Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing excellent customer service and feels this reward program will provide the necessary incentive for repeat business.

Training for all employees will occur over a three month span. Additional training will be conducted on a quarterly basis. Each employee will be required to demonstrate a solid knowledge of the established guidelines and system workflows. Employees will be required to attend additional training if there is a failure to perform at acceptable standards.

Supporting Measures for Success

The following items will be evaluated on a quarterly basis to determine the success of this project.

1. New customers signing up on the website - Kudlers target is 10 customers per month

2. Repeat customers - Kudlers will track establish customers and purchases.

3. Increase/decrease in revenue -



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