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Korean War Essay

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I believe the poem the listening post by John kent is about a man who has lost all emotion, and is now numb to his surroundings- " cold bones, numbed brain". The writing doesn't contain any similies but I think it has more of an effect being said straight out. In the poem he is writing of a man who blackened sockets now take the place of where hopeful eyes used to lay. His fingers are "frozen and swell through the gloves, cradeled weapon held with love". His hands are cold and tired from the weather and holding that weapon just in case is all he knows, its like a second nature to him and he has grown bored with the repetition.. He tries to hold onto the happy memories but they are becoming nothing more but dull faded pictures in the back of his mind., while e wonders " will it ever end' will there ever be peace and no violence again.? The way its written brings a depressing mood to it yet still hopeful?

The poem eye of the storm by john kent has somewhat of a relaxed tone that its told in, and sets the mood of a naÐ"Їve, but hopeful person who is wishing for the best but knows its not yet here. " intently I listen and the night tell me yes I am quiet and I am soft". This shows that the night is the only time there is really "peace' if you can even call it that. Its like a calm before the storm or the eye of the tornado. You know the damage is coming but you can barely hear it and can barely see it. Its too far off in the distance. But you know its there. It warns him don't drift off and believe everything is okay , " it will kill you while you sleep" don't be too trusting for its only an illusion. Its not over , not yet.



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