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Karl Marx

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The theorist I have decided to research for my assignment is Karl Marx a philosopher, social scientist, historian and revolutionary. Karl Marx is easily one if the most influential social thinkers in the 19th century and many of his works were published. Marx was born in Germany on May 5, 1818 and raised in a middle class household. Marx is best known as the founder of modern communism and was even banished from the city of Paris in 1844 and called a dangerous revolutionary because of his work. Marx traveled to Paris in 1843 in order to publish one of his works but obviously this effort was unsuccessful. While in Paris Marx met Fredrick Engels who ended up being a lifelong friend and he also helped Marx come up with the communism theory. Marx moved to London after the banishing and remained there until his death. The Marxism movement didn't really begin until after Karl Marx's death. While living Marx's social, economic, and political ideas were unaccepted and ignored by other scholars. Marx was always a bright young man, at the age of seventeen attending law school. He left the Faculty of Law at the University of Bonn the following year because his father wanted him to attend the University of Berlin, which he did. Marx stayed at the University of Berlin for four years and abandoned his romanticism for the Hegelianism movement which was much more popular in Berlin at the time. He even joined the Young Hegelian movement which included other prominent theorist. He then entered into journalism and became editor of a heavily criticized newspaper. Marx's articles were subject to heavy Prussian government disagreements which led to his banishing. Later Karl Marx went on to publish many other of his findings but soon grew sick. Marx passed in 1883 but this is when his theories came to life and they will be used for many years to come.



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