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Essay Preview: Karate

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Fighting, or kumite, is the freestyle use of moves one has learned. During this

freestyle match, the students may use any technique they have learned in their

training for either defensive or offensive purposes. Fighting is involved with

probably only 30 % of skill the student has. However, this is a very important

part of the whole. As mention earlier, katas help in perfecting the moves and

the focus of executing them. On the other hand, fighting employs these moves.

Practicing in fighting will assist in the timing and rhythm of the execution of

the move. In a kata you have as long as you want to throw each kick, each block,

each punch, and as much time to move into the next stance.

During a fight, you must use these moves but timing must be involved as well. If the opponent throws

a kick, you must make a decision and quick. You can block the kick, dodge the kick

to the left, right, or step back, or you can decide to get hit. Now no one wants

to get hit but if a decision isn't made that will be the result. You must also be

able to react fast enough to the oncoming kick with your decision. If you hesitate

on your decision to step to the side, it will be to late and you could be on the

ground trying to catch your breath. I know from experience. Well, let's say you

have successfully reacted to the kick and blocked it and your done right, wrong!

Usually a skilled fighter won't throw one punch or kick without following it up with

2 or 3 more attacks, the same as a boxer would throw a string of punches. So you

must be prepared. You can try and block all of these attacks but the more that

are thrown at you the more of a chance you will get hit. Instead of blocking all

of these attacks, you can stop them. If you block the kick and follow up quickly

with your own set of attacks this will surprise the opponent and interrupt his

rhythm. The only way to get a good grasp on these ideas mentioned is to practice.

The only way to become a good fighter is to practice fighting. I don't mean to go

out on the streets and pick a fight with one person after another. Not only is that stupid

it is also illegal. I mean to practice fighting in a controlled environment where

both fighters have respect for one another.

Fighters having respect for one another

doesn't mean they are going to "take it easy on each other", it means that if one is




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