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Juviniles Being Tried as Adults

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Essay Preview: Juviniles Being Tried as Adults

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As bad a trend it is, teen pregnancy is growing more and more through out the United States. It seems like girls ranging from 18-22 are becoming teen mothers a lot easier then before. There are many effects to becoming a teen mother though. Whether it be related to your life, social or working life. Also it’s a big set back on teens with school. More and more teenage girls are not finishing school like most. Also there could be effects with their child too. Having a child at a young age could be bad on your health and he child’s health.

About thirty one percent of young girls become pregnant at least once before they even reach he age of twenty, Sometimes even more than once. This is about 750,000 a year, which eight of ten pregnancies are unintended and 81 percent are to unmarried teens. Having a child at a young age could affect your life. Many teens don’t look at the consequences in being a teen mother. You’re not only looking out for your life but also someone else’s too. “More than half of teen mothers receive welfare within five years of becoming parents.”() It’s hard for young parents to get on welfare though because sometimes to be eligible you might have to live with a adult that is responsible. This makes it very difficult for teen mothers to receive welfare.

High school pregnancies seem like it would be hard on the girl. Most people would probably make fun of the other girls that are pregnant and it would make them feel like they are unwanted by their peers. This result to most girls that become pregnant at a high school level are most likely not to finish and receive a high school diploma. “One in three pregnant teens will not graduate from high school, and only 1.5% of mothers will end up getting a college degree by the age of thirty, and nearly 80% of teen mothers will end up on welfare.” () Students that have a stronger relationship in school that receive higher grades are a lot more likely to wait for sexual activity. Also girls that perform in high school sports are less likely to get pregnant, and are more likely to use contraception than non-athletes.

The affects of the child are high too with their life. “Children of teen mothers are more likely to have a lower birth weight than other children, and are more likely to face abuse and neglect from other people.”() There is a high mortality rate for girls that range from the ages of 15-19. They might fall in the steps of their own parents with school. If their parents don’t push them to graduate high school and to get good grades, then they probably will fall right behind their parents and drop out. They may even get pregnant at a young age too, since they see it was all right with their parents. It’s said that “ the



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