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Juvenile Justice

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The role and function of Juvenile Justice is to ensure care, custody and supervision for young offenders through the provision of programs which will assist them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage their lives effectively without further offending and to provide mechanisms, resources and direction to achieve this.

In the context of the legislation and through the provision of quality community-based supervision and support programs, to promote the personal development of young offenders and contribute to the reduction of crime in the community

According to the Department of Human Services, the Juvenile Justice Mission Statement is as follows:

* Juvenile Justice strives to utilise community resources, to improve and enhance client outcomes. Promoting a sense of ownership and self-determination.

* Personal fulfilment is gained through the provision of a professional and individualised service to young people. Personal fulfilment is gained through sharing skills, knowledge and experience within our region. To assist young people to achieve identified goals within a community context through the provision of support, encouragement, and positive role modelling.

* To promote a positive work culture which encourages a creative and flexible approach enabling effective work with clients, families, and the community, recognising the diverse knowledge and sills of JJ staff

* To assist the young person to identify risk, considering also the impact of offending behaviours on self, victim, family, and community and to promote positive lifestyle choices

The Juvenile Justice Unit Objectives are:

* To address offending behaviour

* To minimise the penetration of young people into the Criminal Justice System

* To promote the uniqueness of adolescence

* To provide more effective community based responses

* To develop and deliver culturally appropriate responses

* To assist the development of the young person's self identity

* To ensure that service delivery recognises the involuntary status

* To



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