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Joint Business

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Many companies in the business world are either judged or congratulated by the amount of time they put in to build their business, if you build a business according to lack of effort and knowledge you're going to get a non-profitable business. If you put in the hard work and dedication into a business your end result will lead into SUCCESS. Different layouts and designs can have different opinions it just all depends on you.

As a business each organization has a special way of doing certain things weather its having valet parking, to having a prize given to the customer who spends the most money, and due to the way they do things its simply called corporate culture. Organizational culture also is a way to look how great of a business it is. How a company is organized says a lot about how much time they put into their business and how successful they want it to be, observe how the employees work, how they address you or certain situations, and most importantly communication. If I walked into a business that I'm willing to invest my money in and they don't "dress for success", or they talk to each other with no manners, and if the employees don't put the customers first, me as a customer I would not spend my money or put any effort into being there anymore. Everyone says "first impressions mean a lot" and thy don't just mean when their talking to someone it's for anything you do, As someone who wants to be successful and wants to open their own business first impressions mean a lot. Company cultures influence the way people treat and react to each other and to customers and suppliers.

Every business has a simple lay out design, no matter if the business is tiny or the most phenomenal business ever. You design a facility layout once a site has been selected. The arrangement of production work centers and other elements needed to process goods and services. The layout includes such decisions as how many steps are needed in the process, the amount and type of equipment workers needed for each step. Overall, a layout design is arranged so resources in a way that makes best use of space, machinery, materials, and staff. As an owner of your business, your job is to choose different layouts to choose from to help build and achieve into your business. Facility layouts are often determined by the product. Process layout is used for producing made-to-order products. Product layout is used to produce



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