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Johnny Damon

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Johnny Damon

Hi, my name is Johnny Damon of the baseball team the Boston Red Sox. I wrote my biography Idiot with some help from Peter Golenbock. I wanted to write this book to tell everyone how it feels to be a top athlete in Major League Baseball. As most of you Red Sox fans no we broke "The Curse" in 2004 by beating the Cardinals in the World Series. This book is about beating "The Curse" and enjoying the game of life.

Growing up all I wanted to do was play football. Then my brothers introduced me to baseball and I was really good, I suddenly had a new favorite sport. I joined the high school baseball team as a freshman and made varsity. I played on the state all-star team in my junior yea with players like Alex Rodriguez, Todd Helton, and Danny Kanell. They all play in the MLB (Major League Baseball) now. Around my senior year top colleges started to notice me. The Florida Gators offered me a full boat scholarship to there school and I was told I would start as a freshman in centerfield. Then a couple days later I got calls from some MLB teams expressing interest in me. These teams were the Milwaukee Brewers and the Houston Astros. The day of the draft the Kansas City Royals picked me up in a late round. I went from High School straight to the pros. I was then traded to the Oakland Athletics and then finally to the great Boston Red Sox! My first season we won 93 games, but we did not make it to the playoffs. The next season we got a new general manager, Theo Epstein, he was the youngest General Manager in the history of the MLB. We beat the Oakland A's in the wild card that season and then lost to the Yankees in the ALCS (American League Championship Series). As you all probably know the 2004 season started out rocky then we end up winning the World Series for the first time in 86 years. We broke "The Curse".

Thank you for letting me tell you my life so far and let's hope that we can repeat this amazing feet in 2005! I want you all to know that you should stick with your dreams and try your hardest at everything you do. Have a great day and good luck with whatever you might want to accomplish in life.



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