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Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash seems to be caught up in his music so he turned to cocaine to give it sort of a twist and for something else to occupy his time.

From the lyrics "Cocaine Blues" Johnny Cash seems to always wear the color black and seems to get in trouble for drugs and what they caused

him to do as far as shooting his woman down. From the lyrics I would say Johnny Cash has a good heart for saying to lay off the whiskey and let the

cocaine be, probably because he's been through the side effects of what they do to you and how they effect your body. Johnny Cash is a caucasian

determined because of listening and seeing his music videos. His lyrics don't have much slang other than the country accent that most caucasians

have. The jonda that the lyrics fit into would be more of a country type of music. Johnny Cash's point of the lyrics is to say how depressing cocaine

is and how it doesn't do much for you other than give you a high and get your in trouble. Especially from him saying to listen to him about laying off

the whiskey and let the cocaine be. His attitude in these lyrics seem more of a depressing type than anything from how he got arrested and had no

friends to bail him out and how he had to go to prison for murder for all of those years. The problems that his sociey was facing is still similar


the problems our society if facing now. People are still into drugs that cause them to make bad decisions and people still rely on drugs for their

happiness. A lot of people say that there's nothing else to do and it adds spice to their life so that's why they do it.



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