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Jfk Vs. Collins Speech

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Collins speech is to the 1st Royal Irish Battaleon is giving orders to the troops on how he wants them to conduct themselves on entering Iraq to free the people trapped there from the war. He tells them to be respectful and to act in a respectful manner by using a range of linguistic techniques such as: colloquial lexis, idioms and metaphors in order to give a sense of voice. Collins creates a sense of voice in his speech to the 1st Royal Irish Battaleon through idioms and colliquial lexis, "As for the others i expect you to rock their worlds" this idiom is used in relation to Collins telling the troops that he wants them to make the refugees happy, as the idiom "to rock their world" gives the sense of happiness and making someone happy. This also shows that Collins is using an infomal term of address in order to create a sense of comradeship. JFK's inaugural address to the American citizens and also to an international audience through the television, aimed to reassure Americans that he would make America great again under his time in office, he wanted to give a sense of optimism and determination to make America great. He uses a range of lingustic techniques such as: anaphora, metaphors and alliteration to create a sense of voice. JFK's inaugural speech has metaphors to create a sense of voice "those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside" The use of this metaphor explains Kennedys views towards communist countries, which he shared with the majority of people during his time in office- communism was highly feared as it was seen as dangerous. This reassures the Americans as it shares the common ideas and views of the period. In Collins speech he is addressing a smaller audience than JFK, as Collins is speaking to his troops commanding them on how to behave. Whereas JFK has a different purpose to his speech which is not to order but to inspire and be optmistic about his plans as president. Also, JFK uses a more formal term of address and more formal linguistic techniques than Collins uses which suggests JFK's speech is less spontaneos than Collins as JFK's speech would be more tightly planned and would be practiced un til it is perfect.



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