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Alcohol got the young Dahmer discharged from the army while he was stationed in Germany. He went to Florida, and tried to get a job. When his money ran out, and he had nothing to fall back on, Jeff called his father. Jeffrey was told that, no, he couldnt have any money, but he could have a plane ticket home.

Jeffrey was sent to Wisconsin to stay with his grandmother. Things went well for a while, until Lionel got a call from his mother reporting a strange smell coming from the garage. Jeff explained it as chemistry experiments on road kill. Later, when Jeff had a gun, his father listened to his story about target shooting, but took the gun away. A semi-lifeless Jeff gave it up with no fight.

When Jeff moved into his own apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his family saw it as a step towards independence.

Jeff began frequenting bath houses, slipping his companions sleeping pills so as to lie next to their unconscious bodies. When he accidentally caused one man to overdose, putting him in the hospital for a week, Jeff was asked not to return.

Finally, victims who woke up again were not enough for Jeff. His killing continued, this time drugging his victims with sleeping pills and strangling them before they woke up. He tried not to cause unnecessary pain.

The police had their first real chance to catch him when they got a call from a confused young African American woman, reporting a young, naked, bleeding boy.

When the police arrived, they found the young Laotian boy unable to answer any questions. Dahmer arrived at the scene and calmly explained that he and the boy, who he claimed was 19, were gay lovers having a spat, and that the boy had had too much to drink. The police escorted the boy back to Dahmers apartment and left. The young man, actually 14, was forgotten.

Forgotten, that is, until another victim escaped. This one found a cop car, and had a system clear enough of drugs to explain to the situation. The man brought police back to the Oxford Apartments, where they found the horrors the whole world would soon come to know: entire human skeletons in the closet, human heads in a large freezer, human meat in the refrigerator, Polaroids of bodies various stages of dismemberment, and a vat of acid with decomposing body parts were among the items discovered.

Public outcry immediately erupted over police failures. Many believed that since the first victim to escape, who fled while Dahmer was out buying beer, was not white, police did not investigate thoroughly. That the caller was black did not help either, they thought.

Had the police done a background check on Dahmer, they would have found out that Dahmer was on parole for child molestation. For molesting, in fact, the escaped boys older brother.

The public believed that because many of the victims



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