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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bront

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Essay Preview: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bront

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In Jane Eyre, by Charlotte BrontÐ"«, the main character, Jane Eyre, is a low-class feminist woman that stands up for herself and is not afraid to express her opinion in public. Throughout the novel, she receives two completely different proposals for marriage, one from Mr. Rochester and one from St. John Rivers. Mr. Rochester is a rich and intelligent man who is captures by Jane’s wit. St. John Rivers is a conservative and religious man led by the Church. John finds in Jane an incredible generosity and goodwill. Jane finally chooses Rochester over St. John Rivers because she finds a man who will love her truly and cherish her actions and opinions.

Mr. Rochester describes himself as “hard and tough as an India-rubber ball.” (142) He is a harsh man who sometimes can be mistaken for an aggressive man, one of his weaknesses. On the other hand, one of Rochester’s strengths is that he is a man with an active social life. Jane opines that “Mr. Rochester is so talented and lively in society…he is a general favourite…you would not think his appearance calculated to recommend him [to]…eyes.” (170-171) Jane believes she has found a weakness, concerning his appearance but then she adds that “his wealth and good blood, make any amends for any little faulty look.” (170-171) Jane finds an impressive connection between the two of them through their witty conversations and eventually, Jane and Rochester fall in love. Rochester proposes marriage to Jane but the wedding is put off when Jane finds out that Rochester is already married to Bertha, Rochester’s insane wife. Mr. Rochester’s greatest fault is exposed when he claims that he “meant, however, to be a bigamist.” (319) This meant that Rochester was willing to marry Jane having already, another wife.

Jane then meets St. John Rivers, a religious man who takes Jane into his house and offers her shelter and good. St. John describes himself as “a cold, hard, ambitious man.” (414) John’s generosity soon wins Jane’s affection but Jane discover his fault, “he only lived to aspire…he would never rest; nor approve of others resting around him.” (439) John lacked the talent of conversation



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