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James Madison

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James Madison was born March 16, 1751 he was the fourth president of the United States. He attended the college of New Jersey. He is often known as "the father of the constitution." He helped make the u.s fedral system, and help design the checks and balences. Before becoming presidnet he was secretary

of state when Thomas Jefferson was president. He and Thomas were good friends. James Madison would try to keep the USA from being fighting with European countries, but in 1812 he lead the U.S into war with the Untied Kingdom. In this essay i will tell you more about James Madison.

Early Life

James Madison was born March 16, 1751. He was born in Port Conway, Virginia. He was born in his grandparents house (his mother's parents). His parents were James Madison and Nelly Conway Madison. His parents owned a tobacco plantation, they had many slaves in there plantation called Montpelier. James was the eldest of 12 children. James was a weak and unhealthy looking child, he had private tutors and attended the Donald Robertson School in King and Queen County. When he was 18 he went to the college of New Jersey ( now Princeton). He was interested in politics and was a member of the American Whig society. Madison graduated a 4 year course in 2 years, he graduated in 1771. During the next six months he studied hebrew, philosiphy, latin, and other subjects that showed his very deep interest

in religion. But a little voice prevented him to to become a minister and he became turned to politics. Madison in 1774 entered the Orange County commity of safety then in 1775 he entered the militia of orange county as a colonel but his poor health kept him from fighting. Then a year later in 1776 served in the constitutional congress. When the delegates assembled in philidopia Madison took part in the debates. Also he made a contribution to ratifing the constitution. And then he was referred

as "the father of the constitution," Madioson said that it wasn't just him but the name stuck. Then he was elected to the United States House of Represenitives. Later in September 15,1794 James Madison married Dolly Payne Todd they had no children but raised Dolly's son from her first marraige. Then in 1808 James Madison wa elected Presedent.

The Presidency




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