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J Money

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To put in the simplest words E-commerce is business done through internet. It’s a new medium and allows the sellers and buyers to interact in a novel way with many advantages such as convenience, round the clock availability and unmatchable fastness. E-commerce has itself generated a new line of business and a number of companies have emerged which provide E-commerce solutions to their customers.

A website offering E-commerce facility has some integral components. An easily navigable website is off course a must to inform, rather lure customers to buy while browsing the websites. Websites offering E-commerce facility are different from the normal or display websites in the sense that they contain вЂ?shopping cart’ programs. Such a program helps the seller to list the products and price them automatically. These shopping cart programs are commercially available from companies such or Shopfactory. Sometimes you can get the shopping cart program on the E-commerce server on which you want to host your website. Some of the E-commerce web host servers providers are iPower.web or The most important and final thing is to how to accept the money from the customer. For financial transactions with customers one needs an online Merchant account which could either be opened in banks in US or can be had from merchant account service provider such as Pay Pal or Electronic Transfer incorporated. (“What Is E-Commerce?”. 2004)

Thus, money transactions are the core of a business and from a customer’s point of view security of his personal information such as credit card number etc is very important. The increased concern with the security of information which travels over the internet has excited the companies to provide more security solutions to make E-commerce safe. The answer has been found in the form of digital certificates. A digital certificate works as a personal identifier on the web. A customer or a server both needs a digital certificate form a certifying authority such as Verisign. The role of Certifying authority is critical in the sense that it certifies the actuality of the two parties doing business. Information saved in Digital Certificates is encrypted using SSL technology which is the internet standard for safe transfer over the internet. It is available in 40 bit and 128 bit mode. The later version is safer. Furthermore the



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