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Is Germany at Fault for World War Ii?

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Essay Preview: Is Germany at Fault for World War Ii?

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Is Germany at fault for World War II?

World War Two was a time of devastation and misfortune for all people in the world. The war lasted for six years, and involved more than 200 countries, costing fifty-five million lives and material damage of some three billion dollars. WWII was said to be the easiest war ever to be prevented, but once it started there was no stopping it. What or who could cause such a devastating war? Many people place the blame on the country of Germany. Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, which was the start of the war.

The Treaty of Versailles has been said to be the most important, indirect cause of WWII. After Germany was defeated in World War I, they were forced via the Treaty to pay heavy reparations to the victors. Their economy could not take the pressure from the harsh reparations and it quickly fell apart. Severe inflation and depression soon followed. Germany's inability to pay war reparations as specified in the Treaty of Versailles was caused by the main industrial areas of Germany being taken away. Inflation, a result of the attempt to pay war reparations, severely crippled the population, especially the lower middle class. The deprived people of Germany feel easily into the hands of authoritarian parties such as the Nazis and the Communist. The Treaty also forced Germany to limit its armed forces and forbade them from having an air force, which created a bitter resentment towards the victors of WWI. As a result of the Treaty of Versailles and the economic disasters that followed, the German people became very resentful towards the victors of World War I, namely France and England. Additionally, virtually all of Germany's leaders fought in World War I and many were wounded and they all felt betrayed. They were eager for revenge. One of these WWI veterans happened to be a man named Hitler, Adolf Hitler. Hitler blamed economic problems on the allies who had forced the peace terms of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany. He joined the Nazi party which rose rapidly with little competition, as he was able to attract extremely keen followers. After an attempted overthrow of the Bavarian government, Hitler was sent to jail where he expressed his feelings concerning prejudices, including those famously hated Jews, and his upcoming plans for Germany's future. In due time, Hitler quickly manipulated his way to the top and assumed absolute power.



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