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Is Black Panther a Great Movie?

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Essay Preview: Is Black Panther a Great Movie?

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Is Black Panther a Great Movie?

Whether a movie is great or not is subject to somebody’s opinion but is generally based on multiple characteristics such as plot development, timeless appeal, character development, and universal issues. In my opinion, Black Panther is not a great movie, instead, it’s a pretty good one due to many different things.

Black Panther has many amazing qualities such as its plot development. The movie starts out with Wakanda stuck in the same old ways, stuck in the tradition of the ancestors. This tradition was keeping their vibranium and high-level technology to themselves and hiding it from the rest of the world. While the movie goes on, many things happen such as when N’Jadaka tries to kill T’Challa so he can take over Wakanda and give all of their ways away. While everybody thinks N’Jadaka is crazy T’Challa realizes while it might be extreme he isn’t completely wrong. After the protagonist, T’Challa, gets his spot back at the throne he changes Wakanda’s way by creating an outreach center and the movie leaves the audience on a cliffhanger on how much they share with the rest of the world.

Timeless appeal is one of the main things people think of when they picture a great movie. Timeless appeal, in my opinion, is when movies never truly seem out of date, a perfect example of this is the Titanic which will always be considered a classic and watched by almost everybody at least once in their lifetime. While I believe Black Panther may be considered timeless right now in a couple hundred years when they may have these technologies we are so amazed by today the movie won't be timeless to them.

The main thing that sticks out to me in Black Panther is the character development. The movie is filled with very defined characters such as T’Challa or the “Black Panther”, N’Jadaka, M’Baku, Okoye, and Shuri, each with their own specific personalities. While each character is distinct they all flow together from beginning to end. The character development is formed around T’Challa and N’Jadaka because every character was on either side until T’Challa regained his crown and everybody followed his lead like they did at the beginning of the movie. Character development goes hand and hand with relationship development which was a big part of Black Panther. One relationship we saw change a lot was the relationship between T’Challa



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