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Iraqui Election

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The country of Iraq has just had its first election. They are now on their way to forming a stable and democratic nation. As of now they are struggling with some of the aspects that form a nation. The country of Iraq is struggling with two of the elements in particular; gathering a national identity and penetration of their people.

The Shiites control most of the population and infiltrate them with their ideas. However, the Kurds and the rest of the Sunni Arabs have their own ideas on government. With the people in conflict with the ways of the government, the country of Iraq is struggling to form its national identity. The country needs to start thinking together and form some of the same outlooks in order to come together and "form a nation."

On the same level as national identity is penetration. The government officials need to reach out more to get people to participate in the future of their government. The attendance for the national election was a lot greater than expected, however there was discussion of a lot of the population being afraid to participate in the election. Many of the ballots cast were from out of the country because most people were scared of terrorist attacks and acts of anarchy.

Slowly Iraq is gaining legitimacy. The people, in time, will come together and support the government as it seeks to better their future as a nation.

As far as participation goes, Iraq has the United States pulling for them and in their fighting for their independence. The U.S. hopes to assist in giving the Iraqis the same chance at democracy as we have presently.

Distribution is a crisis that is never fully settled. The Iraqis have a long way to go before their nation is given everything they need to act as one. Even today the U.S. has its problems with political distribution, and for Iraq to be starting all over again, the road seems to be a little bumpier.



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