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Iraqi War

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Iraqi War

There were several wars in the twentieth century that caught the attention of the people. World War II, Vietnam War and The Cold War are only a few of the many wars we lived by. Now, in the twentieth first century the first war we have lived is the Iraqi War. The United States started a war against Iraq for causes that brought more negative than positive effects for the Iraqi people.


The Iraqi War started for allegations the U.S. had against Iraq with the United Nations. Even though Saddam Hussein, the President of Iraq gave a report to the United Nations of all the arms he possessed, the United States decided to take action superceding the United Nation's diplomatic process and go into war.

Another cause of the Iraqi War was because the United States promised to liberate Iraqis from the Hussein's regime. Iraq had been in a regime where they did not have any liberty and they were robbed by their own government. This cause was another excuse for President Bush and his administration to declare a war against Iraq. A year after the war, the Iraqi people seem worst than before the war started.


A positive effect of the Iraqi War left was the overthrown of Saddam Hussein. With their advanced technology, the United States' military could strategize smartly where Hussein was and captured him. Because Hussein was accused for having in possession nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction, the capture certainly was a relief for the whole world.

Another positive effect of the Iraqi War is the opportunity of Iraq to a new government. Gubash mentions about the war effect on Iraqi government,

"The U.S. - led overthrow of a dictator has accelerated the pressure for political and social reform that began in the wake of September 11, 200, terrorist attacks. For years, people have been clamoring for democratic reform while Arab regimes have just as staunchly resisted any change that that would erode their grip on power" (4).

Many Iraqi people lived in fear because they never knew what to expect next of their dictator. Feisal Amin Al-Istrabadi, a Chicago lawyer said, "This is a day we've been waiting for 35 years." (qtd. In "Iraqi" 1). Iraqis now feel somewhat liberated by the drastic change in their government.


One effect of the Iraqi war is that more soldiers are dying everyday due to confrontations between the Iraqi people and our soldiers. In the actual Iraqi war, the losses were not as numerous as they are today. Doctor Eva Maria states in Hasslberg, "The bombings were 90% predictable; the present situation is totally unpredictable." (2). The confrontations between Iraqi men and United States soldiers are on the rise and there seems no end. Another reason why American soldiers are dying everyday is due to accidents. Many accidents have been reported since the end of the Iraqi War. Cooperman gives an example about a soldier, Sgt. William L. Payne, 46, in a May explosion. "A Department of Defense news release said Payne was "examing unexploded ordnance" in Haswah, Iraq, when the accident occurred." (2).

This accident is just one of the many occurring on Iraq. Other incidents include an Air force technician whose group was captured on the way to Baghdad. There is also a twenty three year old man who was shot by a sniper when directing traffic in Baghdad. (Cooperman 2). Therefore, traffic incidents are currently one of the main reasons of non-combat deaths among American soldiers. The war may be over but our American soldiers are still dying.

Another effect of the Iraqi war is crime. Ever since the war ended, there seems more crime in the streets of Baghdad. The city seems worst now than before the war and even during the war. A doctor stated in Hasslberg, "This is a city where 1200 criminals are on the loose." (4). There are still battles everywhere between Iraqis, American, and British. We can see an example of crime in the gynecological department of Ibn Balady Hospital in the prior Saddam City,

"Acts of family revenge by raping young girls, the relatives of the victims then raping the sisters of the rapists-an endless spiral of violence.... Everyday anarchy makes violence more difficult to control." (Hasslberg 4-5).

Crime is everywhere in Iraq and it seems inevitable and unstoppable. Another example of violence in Iraq is in Riyadh. In this city, where bombs are going off very frequently (What Have We Done 2). People wonder where their future will leave them.

Another effect of the war is the destruction of Iraqi culture. During the war, many important buildings were destroyed. The mistrial building, hotels, museums, and libraries were affected by the Iraqi War. Dr. Maria quotes in Hasslberg,



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