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Characters can alter as well as develop as a result of players’ tactical gaming decisions through their engagement вЂ" and this is the critical educational dimension вЂ" in a variety of research and "knowledge-building" activities. These activities вЂ" simulated expeditions, experiments, conferences, practical dilemmas and technical challenges вЂ" exploit digital tools and call upon both traditional text-based and web-based networks and resources, and encouraging curricular integration of new educational technologies without the disintegration of traditional ones The game itself poses challenges and dilemmas[3]--not quizzes or вЂ?puzzles’-- within linked “activity settings,” representing levels and kinds of engagements (confrontations/challenges) with critical ecological problems and themes.

As educators, our central purpose is to engage learners as agents and architects of their own education, through their pursuit of forms of knowledge and skill seen as “really useful” to them, but whose pursuit is as pleasurable, rewarding and engrossing as it is practical.

Evaluating the information:

Strengths: This article tells us that design features are very important in educational games. The aim is to make students learn through playing. We have to build up characters in the game in order to make the interactive. We have to put in exercises through which will be pleasurable. It tells us what type of content we should have for our games in order for students.

Weaknesses: Even though there is a lot of information, only bits of it can be used for answering questions.


In order to create of games and applications, some considerations must be taken into account in creating effective interactive games. We have to match the educational topics with the game. Before creating the game we have to research the topic we are going to base our game on properly. This is how people have done it before. They have tested the games with children and if they didn’t like something they went back to the design phase and made improvements.

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