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Interview Notes

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Hira Arshad

Interview Notes


For my interview I would dress smartly as it comes across that I am keen and well prepared. This could be formal trousers and a blouse or a smart dress. The dress would have to be a suitable length and not to revealing as I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression. When choosing my clothes I would make sure that the colour wasn’t too flashy or loud and stick with simple colours like black or navy as it is much smarter. For my hair I wouldn’t wear too much makeup and I will have my hair tidy, this comes across professional and interested in the job.

Manners and Behaviour

For my interview I would walk in and say ‘good morning/afternoon’ and shake their hand, this shows I am polite. When the interviewer is talking I would listen to everything they are saying and not interrupt, this shows I am patient and not rude. At the end of the interview I will thank the people for their time.

Body Language

When walking into my interview I would walk with a straight posture as it comes across as well mannered and smart.                                                                                                 When sitting down I would sit with a straight back and not slouch as slouching can indicate I am lazy and uninterested in the job

Tone of Voice

In the interview my tone would be calm and friendly as it shows I am a nice, open person.                                                                                                                                            I wouldn’t speak sarcastically as it suggests I am mocking the job and I am rude and not very good to work with.                                                                                                    I also would answer in full sentence as it comes across that I am well mannered.

Preparing to answer likely questions

When preparing to answer likely questions I would plan out lots of question the interviewer could ask me and write a list of answers to them, this shows I am prepared. For a waitressing job if they asked if I had any experience I could say yes/no and then give further details.

Preparing question to ask

When preparing questions to ask the company I would plan and make a list as it shows I am interested in the job. For a waitressing job I could ask various questions such as ‘What sort or hours would I be working?’                                                                                                                              ‘On average what salary would I make?’ and ‘Will I have a course I health and safety?’



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