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Intelligent Design

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Throughout history, numerous religions have, in their own terms, expressed the notion we are created in God's image. That notion has been referred to as "creationism" and now "intelligent design." Over 100 years ago, Darwin challenged that concept, declaring that species evolved from single cell organisms to sponges, lizards, apes, and ultimately human beings. Naturally, this created quite a rift between scientists and theologians.

For the past century, Darwin's theory has been the cornerstone of biological science. With the coming of computers, programs were used to create models of Darwin's theory. A number of them suggested the evolutionary process proposed by Darwin occurred far too quickly to even be a possibility. In spite of those models, biologists insisted the theory was still true. Spiritualists on the other hand, joyfully embraced this scientific undermining of Darwin's theory, taking it as evidence his theory should be entirely discarded. As continues now societally , both sides looked for loopholes to keep their current belief system there..

Interestingly enough, while biologists were generating those computerized models, modern physicists were refining their theories of the Unified Field or GOD. They state there is one thing acting as the

underlying basis of all existence. What you are, what I am, and what everything is in its essence is all the same one thing - the Unified Field. Furthermore, this God is the source of all the power, intelligence, organization, and harmony that gave birth to, and holds the entire universe.

The true meaning of intelligent design and this deeper understanding of Darwin's theory reveal that those two concepts are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. They are the same theory viewed from different angles. There is no contradiction. In fact, one provides us with a deeper understanding of the other. As Einstein said, "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." Modern physics has enabled us to bring two distinct and seemingly contradictory pieces of life's puzzle (intelligent design and Darwinism) together into a unified whole. This is a remarkable discovery. It can revolutionize our understanding of the relationship between life and spirituality.

Also, we don't have to teach it in a science classroom. To me I think that it belongs in a history class or something like that just



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