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Importance of a Scientific Prsentation

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Scientific presentations are important for both presenter (scientist) and audience. They are a means of communicating important scientific research in a way in which it can be understood by the median person. It is a method of communicating scientific information or data in an interesting, succinct and clear way. This method of information transference is important as while many would not take the time to read a scientific report, they would however, watch and/or listen to a scientific presentation. By using this method a greater number and range of individuals would have accessibility to the scientific information or data. During live presentations individuals also have the advantage of being able to make queries about information they do not understand; this is done either during the presentation or after the presentation is complete. This allotment of time for queries allows for further gratification for the audience.

Scientific presentations also provide an opportunity for the scientist to present his/her data in the way he/she wants it to be interpreted, this cannot be done as effectively when text is used. Furthermore, the scientist is provided with a platform for his/her work to be critiqued by colleagues, which allows the scientist to conceptualize and rethink (if necessary) the materials of the research. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to meet other scientists and to establish future collaborations. Thus, scientific presentations are important for the edification of both scientist and audience.



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