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Impact of Walmart on Soceity

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Essay Preview: Impact of Walmart on Soceity

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Identify the products and services sold by group and category

Wal-mart's products services ranges from a variety of items. Throughout Wal-marts

stores which includes: super-centers, neighborhood markets and Sam club's in the Untied States

they offer over 50,000 different items. The product offered by Wal-mart can be grouped from

electronic, movies, music, books, toys, baby necessaries, jewelry, sports , things for the home,

garden and patio, gift registry, video games, books, apparel(for men and women) travel, vision

center, music, seasonal items, pharmacy and a photo center. Groceries can be found in the

super-centers as in the neighborhood markets.

Within each individual group exists a category of products. Under electronic fall six

different categories which include, computers, televisions, cameras and photo, audio equipment,

DVD and VCR's players and accessories (speakers boxes, camcorders etc.). Movies include

DVD's CDs and VHS videos. Music can be found in the order of new releases, seasonal tracks

( Christmas, thanksgiving, Halloween etc. ), music categories ® & B, Country, Pop, etc) and

featured music. Music can also be downloaded through

the use of for eighty-eight

cents a song. Books can be categories by their hot titles, educational, and bargain books. Toys

includes dolls, kids' electronics, bikes and scooters, remote and radio control vehicles, vehicles,

action figures, learning toys, kids' furniture, games, preschool, activities, building sets, outdoor

play and video games. Baby necessities includes nursery, car seats, strollers, toddlers and

pregnancy. Wal-mart's jewelry collection category ranges from occasion ( wedding rings,

engagement rings, anniversary gifts and promise rings). They also sell pendants necklaces,

bracelets, jewelry boxes and everyday rings and watches. The sports group consist of exercise

and fitness equipment, game room activities, paint balls, bikes, scooters and trampolines. Wal-

mart's home department carries appliances and housewares bed and bath furniture, decor,

vacuum cleaners, grilling, lawn equipment, metal detectors massage and spa care, heaters along

with patio decor. Last but not least is the apparel. The apparel can be categorizes into nine

different sections which include women, women plus size, petite, juniors, juniors plus and

maternity, men, men big and tall girls and boys and by brand name ( wrangler, white stag, faded

glory, riders, George, Mary -Kate and Ashley etc.).

Wal-mart offers financial services such as the Wal-mart credit card, shopping cards and

checking account payments. The payment methods that they offer include express billing and

the "Wal-mart financial services en espanol." Online financial services include credit reports

and check printing.

Explain Wal-mart concept of the channels

Wal-mart's hub and spoke distribution system has become a company trademark. Wal-

mart developed a satellite system connecting all stores was initially installed in 1983, and

grew into a complex communication network that included all stores, headquarters, and

distribution centers, as well suppliers. This system facilitated a modified just-in-time process of

inventory control. Put simply, as each store sells an item, a message is automatically sent to the

supplier of that item, who then knows to include a replacement in the next shipment (usually

that day) to the nearest distribution hub. This degree of connectivity allows rapid response to

inventory needs, and reduces dramatically the amount of inventory required.

A second area of major investment was in distribution technology. Wal-Mart established

a network of innovative hubs which used "cross-docking" to minimize distribution center

inventory and to facilitate the need-based inventory delivery system enabled by the satellite

network. In this model, as shipments arrive at the warehouse, merchandise is moved directly to

the trucks carrying the outbound shipments to specific stores. In many cases, the same trucks can

even be used for inbound and outbound shipments, including those carrying new merchandise to

stores and those carrying returned, outdated, or unneeded merchandise from stores, thus

minimizing round-trip shipping costs.

Wal-Mart operates as an aggregator, distributor, and retailer of consumer goods. Due to

its size, the connectivity involved in its operations, and to the enthusiasm



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