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Idont Know

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According to President McKinley , did USA want war with Spain?

According to President McKinley USA did not want war with Spain because to them it was an unwelcome necessity and did it for moral obligations. USA's reason for war with Spain was eliminate the wrongs going on, and removing long existing bad conditions.

How should the USA behave during negotiations with Spain? Why?

The USA Shouldn't demand to much from Spain because they shouldn't be taken advantage of since they are one of America's primary sources for supplements. Cuba wants to US to be moderate, and restraining because it will be an unselfish duty.

What was the best way to ensure peace between Spain and USA?

The best way to ensure peace was to not involve ungenerous reference to there foe ( USA). To say that they had permanent peace on and near their territory that the Spanish flag would stay on their side, it was achievement of the common good under the demands of civilization.

" The Philippines"Ð'... What is meant by the statement, " The war hasÐ'..."

This statement means that since there has been war there are more responsibilities and an obligation to grow as a nation or group and Ð''pledge civilization.'

What evidence does McKinley provide to suggest economic play in his decision making?

McKinley says that it is just to legitimately for enlarging American trade, asking for them to be open to only them with their resources, and depending more on Ð''equal privileges' than on Ð''commercial basis.'

What demands does the President make of Spain? What does he offer the same to Spain?

The President demands that they can Ð''acquire the right of entry for vessels and merchandize belonging to citizens of the US into such ports of the Philippines. They are instructed to demand such concession agreeing on your part that Spain shall have similar rights as to her subjects and vessels in the ports of any territory in the Philippines ceded to the U.S.



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