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I Am From

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I am from crawling around naked,

And crying for attention.

From teeth coming in one by one,

To peek-a-boo and Russian nursery rhymes.

I am from mud pies and rain puddles,

And bubble gum getting stuck in my hair.

From the Boxcar Children and Arthur,

To catching butterflies with jars.

I am from the weeping willow outside my house,

Scaring me during thunderstorms.

From necklaces made from its branches,

To climbing up higher and higher.

I am from Uno and Go Fish,

To volleyball games at the beach.

From Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood,

To four leaf clovers and shock boxes.

I am from protractors and overheads,

And recess as the highlight of my day.

Drop everything and read to Reading Rainbow,

And getting pulled out of class of English help sessions.

I am from Sunday school and bibles,

To "Jesus is the way and light."

From gifts given by the wise men and the crucifixion,

To the choirs slow and painful version of a happy and joyous song.

I am from unpaved roads with potholes,

And knowing secrets about the neighbors that they don't even know yet.

From Bosses' doghouse as my second home,

To the pond down the road.

I am from a crowded kitchen filled with the smell of borscht,

To nieces and nephews running around.




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