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Humanities Paper

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Defining the Humanities

Jason Long


November 13, 2011

University of Phoenix

Dr. Marianne Murawski

Defining the Humanities

The intended purpose of this essay is to define humanities, and go into detail on how humanities differ from most people's expressions, and questions. I will try to explain an event of cultural significant that I have experienced some years ago, this event I will be discussing will also explain how I expressed myself, and how I felt about the event as well. In this essay, I will discuss many different sides of humanities as well, from art, style, to even the time period, to keep an open mind; we will discuss other choices, and expressions from a point in history that I have dealt with.

What is the study of Humanities?

In theory, the study of humanities speaks about an extensive study, or discipline that tells a story of sorts about how people throughout the years of history, understood the importance of human life, and how these lives were impacted by certain situations. Let's not stop there, the theory also discusses how people, and his or her actions over the years helped to change our out looked on the simple form of art and how it is expressed as well.

In today's time, and culture, people when discussing humanities, he or she will discuss the main areas that have shaped our lives. These main areas that most people will discuss over his or her coffee to others, is that of how such studies like math, human thought, and even such things as science has played a major role in shaping, and becoming a part of the human culture. Humanities involve many aspects of our lives, when dealing with science, humanities steps in to include the study of the human being itself. But when we try to place humanities in the field of science all by itself, we become confused. Why? Because we tend to classify one subject, out of a whole bunch of other subjects. We forget to include in the study of science, the arts, human subjects, and even history within the science field as well.

My Selected Cultural Event

An even that sticks out in my mind that has played over and over just like a record player, is that of how all of these wars that America has been involved in started. How did these wars get started? Why? These would be normal questions by anyone who would ponder the same thoughts as me. I thought about WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and even the war today in Iraq, I thought about each one of these wars, I thought about how these wars affected the people who were not involved. The citizens, who had to suffer from the aftermath of it all, think about the culture shock, the humanities of it all.

During WWII, when Hitler persecuted all of the Jews, this act of murder caused a ripple effect that traveled down generations after generations. When I think about humanities, and the study of them, I think about the history,



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