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Humanistic Personality Traits

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Humanistic Personality Traits

For my paper I have chosen Martha Stewart, I have chosen Martha Stewart not for her being famous, but for her being infamous in her recent decisions in stock trading and selling. I feel that after researching the humanistic trait I feel that this could possibly be one trait which Martha Stewart embodies.

The first goal of the Humanist approach is that the present is more important than the past, so it is important to focus on what's happening now, rather than dwell on what happened in the past or what might occur in the future. This most reflects Stewart because she no longer looks at the time which she spent in prison, she has left the past behind her and she is now living for today. Not only has Stewart forgot the past time spent in prison she goes off of that experience, and feels that her prison time not only made her a better person it also helped her other stocks. The time she spent in prison gave her great publicity and caused people to want to buy things made by Martha Stewart, which on her behalf helped her company.

The second theory which a humanistic person may express is that to be psychologically healthy people must take responsibility for themselves, whether their actions are positive or negative. In Stewart's case she took responsibility for her actions. She admitted that she did receive an insider trading tip, and she was ready to face whatever her fate would be. She knows that what she did was wrong and with the knowledge of being convicted she decided to serve her jail time and then move on with her life. Instead of putting her jail time to the side, she decided to stand up and serve the time. And because she took a stand on her responsibilities she is know a healthy person mind body and soul.

The third theory of a humanistic personality is for an individual to possess an inherent worth, the actions may not be positive but this does not negate the value of the person; but the person is still a human. Yes we all know that she is now infamously known for selling her stock after receiving an insider stock tip, but if you knew that your stock was going to fall it would be your natural instinct to sell rather than lose all your money. It is human nature to prevent something from happening if you already know that it is going to happen such as being in an accident if you know that you are going to be in a car accident today



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