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Human Story

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The little mice of the kingdom of the Smith's house. The great and grand king mouse was Vlandimir von Crinklecroff who led with just and benevolant power. He had two sons, Tod and Bill.

Once upon a time in the Great and Prosperous land of the Smith's house there lived a little mouse named Tod, son of the mouse klng Vladimir von Crinklecroff. He loved running through the walls of the house and rummaging in the pantry for crackers and any other food he could get at, he really wasn't picky. When the horrible humans were away he and his older brother, Bill, would run and play all about the house. they would play typical mouse games, like cheese tag and hide and go eat.

There lived many other mice in the kingdom who all thrived and prospered in perpetual bliss. however all good things must come to an end. fot the days of plenty were numbered. the extreme optimism that always accompanies prosperity had disastorus concequences. the mice had forgotten the needs of keeping their population low and began having more children than could before. the population explosion that followed was not lost on Vladimir von Crinklecroff who begged and pleaded with his people to stop fucking.



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