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Human Morality

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Human Morality

Do we in fact live in a world where greed and self-indulgence is so strong that it could drive us to claim money from people who need it more? Most people who stay up to date with current events most likely have heard of one of the most treacherous, costly wild fires in European history that nearly destroyed 500 homes and killed 63 people in the heart of Greece. Because of this tragedy the Greek government has decided to grant the victims of the fire $4,000 to prove the rapid response of the administration. Unfortunately, there are always neighboring opportunists willing to jump on the cash boat.

On the government's part, they're being nothing but genuine, but regrettably the claims on the citizens aren't as legitimate. Locals whose homes have been burnt, and are now left homeless in Greece are claiming that many of the people lined up for their government check are phonies. These locals declare that most of the people waiting in lines are clearly not from the area and can tell this by their obvious foreign accents, and I being thousands of miles away without any extensive knowledge about current Greek culture, for some reason, believe their claims.

I'm pretty sure that most people in the United States hearing these claims of outsiders trying to acquire free money will not be surprised and most likely believe the accusation, and it sickens me. It repulses me to know that in reality, those of us who had the privilege of being born in developed western countries have an addiction to money. Don't get me wrong; I want money as much as the next guy, but it just disgusts me to know that our moral values as a human population are so low that we are willing to fake being victims in order to achieve a measly couple dollars.

To some people's belief, this "hunger" is natural human nature. We live in a country where Insurance and identity fraud is so common, that banks and companies have to come up with clever promises to assure the safety and return of stolen money in order to attract more customers. It's become normal everyday news to the ears of the American people. So there really should be no reason for anyone living in this country to be surprised at the claims of these countryside Greeks. As a matter of fact, we should have expected this to happen as soon as we heard the Greek government's decision. We are in fact a money



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