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Human Impact from Oil

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In U.S. not a lot of gas station carries biodiesel and the price of biodiesel is too expensive, because we are getting supply from different country which is a little expensive for us, so to lower the price, making it affordable and not relying on other countries we should start making biodiesel in U.S.

About 5 years ago the price for biodiesel was $5 per gallon, but now after 5 years it went down only $1.50. That happened only because more gas station started carrying biodiesel and the ratio of people using biodiesel in TDI cars (for ex. Golf, Beetle, Jetta, Passat, & Touareg) increased. Seattle Post Intelligencer "It smells like popcorn and it's catching on" by Kristin Dizon. So it's cheaper for people with cars, which would run with regular gas because at end, price for per gallon is way cheaper in regular gas than in biodiesel.

If the price doesn't drop down than people wouldn't want to buy biodiesel because they would be happy to get regular gas, which is cheaper than biodiesel. Except for people who have cars with biodiesel engine, they would want to get biodiesel because of 2 reasons: the engine would run only by biodiesel and biodiesel engine would give good mpg

To not to rely on other countries for oil, we should make some plans about making biodiesel in U.S. So we will be making our own diesel and we could sell biodiesel in U.S. for low prices, as it should be because we are going to make it.

So I would like to request that we should think about making biodiesel in U.S. so the price could be low, more gas station would carry it and people would want to buy biodiesel than regular gas for expense wise.



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