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Hum 101, Pg 371 "love Is a Fallacy" Ch. 9

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Essay Preview: Hum 101, Pg 371 "love Is a Fallacy" Ch. 9

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Love is a Fallacy

Love is a fallacy say's Max Shulman. So what is the definition of love? Fallacy? Well the definition of love is a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person. Fallacy is a false notion. The statement the author says is "you know the things you learn in school don't have anything to do with life." This statement from the author, I feel is a false statement.

First of all, Learning in math, English, critical thinking classes and other class. Learning how to use math is necessity. While you pump gas, work, paying bills or just plain paying for something you do need to know how to count. With out knowing how to count, would you know if you paid too much? While in English class you learn how to read, right, think and see thinks in other points of view. If you did not know how to use any of these tools, how would you explain or express your self? The last class critical thinking, teaches you how to make an argument and to keep on track not bring up unnecessary information.

The second reason, how to treat others. In school you can not shout and tell people were to put it. You have to treat every person equally as you would every other person. Their must be discipline and patience when you go to school. Students are attending school to learn and they have the same rights as well as every one else.

The final reason, is working hard. Students know the value of working hard because if you don't you receive a horrible grade. A bad grade could cause you to take the whole class over and also could hurt you in to getting accepted into some colleges. Colleges see bad grades as a student who could care less or really is not motivated.

These reasons are why I feel that what you learn in school has something to do with life. If their was no need for math, English or any other subject taught in school then why would they waste all their time try to get you to know the information. These teachers teaching the classes and bring the information forward to students are not there to waste time, they are there to make you more informed they you thought you could be.



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