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Huckleberry Finn to Be or Not to Be in School

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Essay Preview: Huckleberry Finn to Be or Not to Be in School

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Huckleberry Finn to be or not to be in school

Huckleberry Finn to be or not to be in school? It's a highly discussed question, some people think it should be in the schools curriculum and some think it shouldn't be. It should be as easy to see as black and white right? Well that's wrong it's not as easy to see as black and white but what is easy to see is some people want and some don't. Huckleberry Finn is a book about a southern white boy who decides a escape from "sivilzation" and just happens to stumble upon a Nigger named Jim, they decide to head to a free states so Jim could be free. They end up missing where they want to go and head down farther into southern territory where it's way worse for Niggers. I conceder this book very racist and disturbing. I do understand that this is a part of our history and it's how people were really treated but people should not be forced to read it. No one learns anything in this book of course in the end Jim gets forty dollars and his freedom but in the end other than that nothing has changed Huck learns nothing he jus goes off to explore out west, that's why I think huckleberry Finn should not be taught in school.

The adventures of Huckleberry Finn is seen as one other the great American classics. I see it as a great white classic no offence to anyone of course. America is made up of all different races and religions and this book is offensive to one and makes another look better. But young white males now, in the past and in the future have gotten a kick out of or will get a kick out of getting to read this book. Those boys tend to like this book more than anyone else.

This book does not make a giant impact in peoples lives. When people get older they don't think one of the best pieces of lititure I ever read was back in high school when I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. If this book is supposed to have some type of message then most young back male can't get it because the extensive use of the word Nigger. Some people are jus ignorant of how powerful that word is to blacks. But some people are just ignorant to young black culture like Bill Maxwell "Many of the nations black youngsters, in fact, love rap groups like N.W.A (Niggers With Attitude) who make the "N" epithet and integral in their repertoires. Even more, blacks everywhere, including



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