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Hpu College Brochure

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College Brochure Assignment Carter J Hoss

October 17, 2012

Period 1

The college I have chosen to do my brochure report on is Hawai'i Pacific University. There are a few reasons that I have chosen this college, but one of the reasons is that it is close to the beach. I think it would be amazing to study my school work while sitting on the beach taking occasional study breaks. Another reason that I chose HPU is because of its academics. The Princeton Review calls HMU a "Best Western College," and College Finder 3rd generation calls HPU a "Hidden Gem."

When I grow up I feel like working for a boss would be a real bummer, so I would like to start my own business. The major field I have decided to take, considering that I wouldn't like to work for someone, is business. It would give me a good start in the field I decide to go into. I am not just going to college to work though, I am also looking to have a little fun. There are not any clubs that seem right for me but they do have events like the Halloween Fun Fest which seem exciting.

At HPU I am expecting to have a busy life, I would have to deal with school work, friends, and sports. I would most likely live on campus with a couple roommates, and will spend all my free time at the beach. A sport that I am interested in joining is the golf team. I have always liked playing golf and like to think that I am kind of good at it, and by the time I am in college I will be ready to play. Another reason I would like to play golf is to travel to courses all over the United States.

To me location is a big factor on where I go to college. At HPU I won't get too caught up in college life because I can go to the beach and have fun when I get stressed out. For expenses, regular tuition is 18,500 dollars, room and board is 12,482 dollars, and other expenses are 3,285 dollars. All of these expenses combined make a total of 34,267 dollars. The last reason I chose this college is because it's in Hawai'i.



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