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How to Talk to People

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Essay Preview: How to Talk to People

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One of the greatest things about the current home based business industry is that people from all walks of life are having success with it. Isn't it nice that you don't have to go to medical school or get a Harvard MBA to be able to retire early and be financially free.

I am convinced that there would be lots more people involved if they only knew that it wasn't that hard to do. One of the biggest fears most no-sales and marketing people have is talking to people, and specifically selling. Go ahead and admit it - you don't have the skills that car salesmen have - well that's excellent! That type of thing doesn't work well in other industries and even car salesmen are becoming a thing of the past as the internet brokers and eBay grow in popularity.

Most home based businesses have a system in place for you. I can assure you that when people start these companies they don't neglect to think long and hard about how to make doing their business easier for people who get started. They have you in mind.

Always look for a company that has lots of training on how to talk to people and minimizes the amount of presenting that you have to do. Some have it so you bring a more experienced person with you. Some have online presentations and some have live conference call presentations.

Let's assume that you really don't need to do the selling - it's done for you by the company leadership. You will have to bring people into that system, so you will have to talk to people! Those companies that rely on a completely "automated" system have a hard time getting people to give money to a website, hoping it's not in Russia or Turkey.

So how do you talk to people? You've probably heard the numbers before that only about 5% of how you communicate is by the words you use. The other 95% is split between body language and tone. If you are not meeting someone in person, then tone is even more critical!

A better way to say tone would be energy or vibe. Have you ever talked to someone who sounded like they just got out of bed or their dog just got run over? I don't talk with people like that for long because unless I find out there was some reason for their low energy, I just don't want to pursue it.

You have to be in the right vibe as well. Your best bet is to have a relaxed confidence.



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