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How to Prevent and Combat Childhood Obesity?

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Essay Preview: How to Prevent and Combat Childhood Obesity?

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Treninia Isaac

 Summary #5

ENG 101

How to Prevent and Combat Childhood Obesity

In this article “How to Prevent and Combat Childhood Obesity” the author talks about How to prevent obesity from happing by chosen healthy food as the main courses. The author explain how children become obesity by eating unhealthy food. He mention five things that a family can do to combat obesity and improved their health and their wellbeing.

        With family busy life meals often gets neglected. Families used to seat down and have dinner together without the distraction of technology. In many cases families prefer to have dinner in front of technology than to have dinner together. And he suggested that family try to do dinner together once a week or as many times as you can.

        Research point out issues that causes childhood obesity and what can do to improve it, by regularly sharing a meal together. The pediatrics has embrace the concept of exercise and playing outdoors as a way to a healthier weight and fitness.

        By adding fruits and vegetable to our diet we receive more of its benefit and nutrient that are beneficial to our diet, by replacing the unhealthy foods with foods that are much better for the development of bodies.

Kids eat what they can find and kids learn to eat right by example by placing fresh fruits on the table instead of opening unhealthy foods.

Often times we foods without reading what we are putting in our bodies. As kids go for another snack ask them first if they are hungry, and then ask them do they know what they are in taken in their bodies.  Eventually this would be a lifelong habit that would stick with them and bring them good result. In conclusion changing unhealthy foods for healthier one would help us combat childhood obesity.


The Sleep Cure

In this article “The Sleep Cure” the author talks about the importance of getting enough sleep and what sleep can do for our body. Sleep is one the most amazing thing in our everyday life. That helps us to obtain good rest good health and a long life. Scientists tells us that when our body doesn’t get the right amount of sleep it can cause our body to not function properly, which can lead to health problems.

People with irregular sleep session are at higher risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, which can lead to early death. Lack of sleep can be dangerous it can affect the way the brain perform. That can cause the body to have mood disorder that can be long turn terminal. Walker recommended sleep a long whit diet and exercise. Sleep is one of the most positive ways that you can use it to rest your brain and body. Many American each night get lest sleep during the night. One third of U. S. adults sleep lesser than the 7 hour each day. 40%of Americans say that they feel drowsy during the day.



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