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How to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger

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Essay Preview: How to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger

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How to make the Perfect Cheeseburger

Making the perfect cheeseburger is a hidden skill, passed along the test of time from one grill master to the next, generation to generation. To make this culinary classic one must poses at the very least some basic cooking skill, as well as some basic tools, and kitchen knowledge. In other words, plastic knives, and paper plates are not acceptable. This is a test of determination and perseverance, a battle, between you, the chef and the beef, vegetables, fire, and cheese.

To make the perfect cheeseburger you must have the following grilling, and kitchen utensils: a charcoal grill, a sharp chef's knife, cutting board, frying pan and a few other non-specific household items.

The first step in the culinary conquest takes place in your local supermarket, or butcher shop. Selecting the most tender and choice cuts are a very simple yet, possibly complex task. The only answer to this question is Angus, BABY! A #1 choice cut Angus sirloin steak. Not, I repeat, not tacky dyed, ground beef will suffice. You will need approximately three one-pound top choice sirloins, which will make around four burgers.

After you make purchase the beef cuts, you will need to make the following acquirements:

1. Fresh Iceberg lettuce

2. Fresh vine ripened tomatoes

3. One fresh red onion

4. Fresh chopped mushrooms

5. One pound of lean cut bacon

6. Four Kaiser rolls

7. One Ð'ј pound of sliced yellow American cheese

After making these purchases you will need to go home and plan. See this is not something you can just slap together; the perfect cheeseburger is not something you would eat on the run. This is a sit-down with your friends and have a few cold ones burger; this is a manifestation of extreme burger art. Before we can celebrate, however you need to get started, the game is soon on.

First, you need to start you charcoal grill, and allow the coals to turn white and hot. Use caution during this stage, because grilling can become dangerous. So always, grill outdoors.

While you coals are warming, you will want to prepare you burgers. Begin by dicing you steaks to a very fine density, and then add three eggs. The eggs will help hold you burger together. Next, add some salt and pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. These ingredients will give the burger flavor, and juiciness.

Now you want to mix everything together (yes use your hands), and form 12oz. patties. These are the basis for the perfect cheeseburger, now if your coals are ready you can place the patties on the grill. Grill each side for three minutes to sear in all the juices and flavor. Watch for flare-ups, and never, never, use tinfoil on your grill.

Now while your patties are grilling to burger bliss, you can begin to prepare the rest of your



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