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How to Get a Reputation

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Essay Preview: How to Get a Reputation

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How to get a reputation

How does one get a reputation you may ask? are you just starting out on the internet and want to make an impact well there is no better place to start than programming or maybe hacking.

There are often some very big mistakes which can holt your reputation and these cannot really be changed. In this short article I will be talking

you through what is the best way to go about things.

Starting with your alias, now this is the name you use on the internet, whether it goes in your programs or on websites you have just hacked. Mine is Destruction.

Firstly I made a big mistake with picking my alias but it has been with me so long I cannot change my identity now, The reason it was a mistake is because Destruction is common, it is known as many other things and has different definitions so it would be extremely difficult to get yourself a big name with that especially if someone is searching your alias on a search engine.

A long, uncommon and interesting alias always seems to go a long way because no one else has it and it's unique and when people are searching it only you come up which is how you get the popularity and reputation you may want.

Can a bad reputation turn out to be good in some cases?

This is an extremely interesting question which i have tried to figure out for a long time now. Lets say you have just entered the world of hacking, well the best way to start off is get yourself well known, get an alias and actually learn some knowledge on your topic. A well known website has a discussion board or a shout box or somewhere you can post a few messages now and again, this is a good place to start.

Ensure you always post with your alias. If you are trying to gain a reputation as a hacker then do not give out any website addresses which are yours because they will then become a target.

Keep your identity a secret abd to yourself, never reveal your skills, become a mystery... curiousity comes to those who are a mystery.

Right so you have found a website which you think is well known and you can make a name for yourself here, but does a bad reputation get you more well known? i will letyou judge that.

Say if your making a post which says 'you guys are rubbish, i will take you down! the end is near!' then surely that will get more response and more notice then if you were to make a post which says 'hello, i love you guys!'

That way people will remember your name surely for the guy that made that post and kep visiting regularly and making similar posts, this could lead to you getting banned from the site but it straight away shows you are an annoyance, they have noticed you.

It is up to you which road you want to go down but if you want that bad reputation then please ensure you have the knowledge to abck it up and never give anything away if you don't.

How can I chat to people without giving away too much?

If you really are just learning but you are trynig to gain yourself a big name quickly then here are some tips when chatting with other



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